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      About Us
      n the early 1990’s, coming with the trend of global manufacturing transferring to China, Wuxi ST.HANS was established, then ST.HANS’s first actuator was born.
      With twenty-years’ hardwork and innovation, ST.HANS has achieved in becoming one of the professional and competitive  actuator manufacturers in China.
      ST.HANS supplies various series of actuators, that is, Alpha A series stainless steel actuator, Alpha B series aluminum alloy actuator , C series aluminum alloy actuator, HPY series scotch yoke pneumatic actuator. Additionally ST.HANS supplies valve control accessories such as manual override, valve position feedback device, air pressure regulator-filter, etc. Actuator ranges φ32~φ1000, torque covers 5Nm~ 300000Nm. 
      In early 2010, the ST.HANS factory moved to Meicun Industry Park, the oldest town of the South River region. With a RMB50million investment, the new factory covers 30,000 square meters and hires 220 employees. It manufactures approx 300,000 actuators and sells around RMB 300million annually.
      Leading with its core idea of concentration & professionalism, ST.HANS will serve all its new and regular customers more attentively and professionally with more excellent products.
      ST.HANS know that good ideas, management and talent are not enough...